Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has become popular in recent times due to it's ease for begineers and challange for the advanced, depending on where you paddle, there can be great variety. And of course, IT'S FUN! From sunrise to sunset, SUP PMQ has got you covered! 

SUP Port Macquarie, is Port Macquarie's first accreditated SUP instructor- with over 4 years of local experience, SUP PMQ has gained experience in the sport, and great knowledge of local waters, making your experience all the more enjoyable. 

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SUP SHOP NOW OPEN: >>> Huge range of
Boards & Accessories 
Behind SFD Surfboards,
Gordon St, Port Macquarie 


                             KU HOE HE'E NALA

                       (to stand, to paddle, to catch a wave)   

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 Boards & paddles supplied
  1 on 1 or group lessons
  All lessons on flat water river

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  Corporate groups welcome

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≈  Sunrise & sunset paddles
  Fitness sessions

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SUP SHOP NOW OPEN: Huge range of Boards & Accessories
Behind SFD Surfboards, Gordon St, Port Macquarie




Port Macquaries Accredited A.S.I. SUP Instructor 

Accredited A.S.I. Learn To Surf Instructor
Private learn to surf lessons available.
Council approved.